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At the time of our relaunch in September 2021 we decided to lock votes for expansion until March 2022. The decision for expansion will then be left up to a community consensus. We highly recommend starting with our Progression documents to learn more about how expansion is a core part of the Aether smart contract.


The following maps Aether's potential growth but may not represent the path that is eventually chosen. The community may decide for full expansion, partial expansion, market specific criteria, or etc. This current resource also doesn't include proposals for how expansion will take place and how we'll allocate the new supply towards the community, partnerships, team and treasury.


We use Progression # to track how Aether will behave as we expand. The following animation shows what Aether would look like if we moved from Progression #15 up to Progression #50

Progression Table

The following table outlines the stats for different stages of expansion that are possible by our starting seed and contract. Its important to note that part of the expansion decision will also be deciding by which progression would we want to expand by. Progression is the number of units away from center origin.

Progression# Buildings# Units (Max)# Properties (Max)Projects
15 (Current)1041,1411,245Aether
3556910,22810,797Worldwide Webb Land
50 (Limit)1,12822,21623,344
100,000Sandbox, Decentraland

We denote Max here as the number of properties in the ecosystem is also determined by building owners and if they decide to mint new spaces. For example, today we are at Progression #15 but only have 791 properties in total.

World Seed

Aether is a 100 x 100 x 100 world and currently we only occupy a 30 x 30 portion of this world. The placement of buildings in our world was generated by a procedural algorithm in March 2018. The following is a birds eye view that maps buildings in our original seed.


Now let's compare this to our world view today.