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Smart Contract

Aether's contract (AetherCore) was deployed on March 11, 2018 and is based off of CryptoKitties contract written in 2017. Aether takes this new idea of an NFT and introduces additional code for world definition, scarcity, expansion, zoning rules, and class inheritance. Together these new additions we were able to launch the first metaverse city back in 2018.

A front-end client parses this onchain metadata and builds a visualization on-top of it to render Aether. In addition thanks to flexibily of our meta-data storage we are also able to gradually evolve our clients as needed. Aether's contract can also be read by third-part clients as our location metadata is stored on-chain.

Core Data

Aether has its own field that defines metadata. Heres an example of how we store location information on chain. A property is allocated a unqiue position in our 100 x 100 x 100 world. We also have fields that track parent relationships to store connections between units, buildings and districts.

  parent   uint32 :  1
class uint8 : 1
x uint8 : 44
y uint8 : 11
z uint8 : 56
dx uint8 : 1
dz uint8 : 1
height uint8 : 65

Customizable Data

We also leverage a second metadata field that enables the owner to store any string. This was so that properties are free to store any type of data on chain. This model was intentionally chosen so that we can iterate on the storage model after the contract is finalized.

"title":"Aspheris Tower"
"desc":"Founder of Aether | BAYC #7018 | JustBricks #362"