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Our vision for Aether spans across our Community Members, our Visitors, and Aether Labs. Success for Aether is becoming one of the top metaverses on Ethereum. Aether will become the place where people come to express themselves, have meaningful experiences, and become a part of a vibrant and diverse community.

For our Visitors, this means ease of discovering content from our community across properties. For our Community Members, Aether properties become one of your most cherished asset groups. For Aether Labs, we meet your expectations on how we can best grow and sustain social experiences. For all of us, success means building one of the best communities in the ecosystem.


March 2022

Expansion Vote (Complete)

Our expansion plan will allow Aether's collection size to grow to accommodate new users into the ecosystem. Community growth is expected to generate network affects; bringing more visitors into our city. This effort will benefit existing holders as well as grow the funds available to develop the underlying platform the powers our world.

April 2022

Residential Spaces (Complete)

Our residential spaces represent a new tier of customization for our members. We will also be including support for 3D models so that owners will have full control of how they use their spaces.

May 2022

Social Integrations

Optimize sharing experiences so that people can discover properties and spaces quickly and share them with anyone on the web. (ex: LinkTree, Twitter Embeds, Metadata support)

June 2022

Wrapper Contract

Introducing a wrapper contract will allow property holders to wrap their Aether properties into a modern ERC721 format that will be compatible with todays marketplaces and tools. (Lending, Swapping, LooksRare, NFTfi, etc). A new contract will be deployed to take an existing property they own and convert it into a new version that is fully ERC-721 compatible. They can convert it back at anytime, transactions on the blockchain will incur gas fees.


We will be making it possible to experience our lightweight spaces in real-time with anyone in the world. Welcome to the metaverse.

July 2022

Community Rewards (Expansion)

This contract and flow will facilitate the redistribution of expanded Aether supply to current holders. The claim will include an "at cost" free used to cover behind the scenes gas required to mint from original contract (2018), wrap in new wrapper (2022), and transfer (airdrop). We'll be creating a new website dedicated for the rewards flow as approved under the expansion effort. See proposals for more details.

Roadmap 3.0

  1. Portals (Connecting Properties)
  2. Audio Integration
  3. Curator Notes (For Galleries)
  4. Modular & Connected Scenes
  5. Multi-chain support.


Solaris is Aether's sister city based on the Solana blockchain, we are leveraging funds from this multi-chain expansion in order to continue to expand the shared Aether platform in 2022. You will notice that both projects share similar roadmap items. Shared items will be developed for Ethereum before landing on Solana. For ecosystem specific changes (ERC721, Exchange.ART, Staking) these roadmaps will differ.