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Spaces are immersive Aether experiences that exist in the comfort of your browser. With the creation of new NFTs everyday, an interoperable web3 space is the key to bringing your collections together. Now you can make Aether your primary space in the metaverse. Share your Space with your friends. Learn about our community through their spaces. Discover beautiful NFT collections


For a quick demo, click here to see one of our existing Spaces!


User Guide

Public Tier

Visit to begin. These public Spaces are mapped 1:1 with a connected wallet address, you can share direct links to view this space. These spaces will not be discoverable on Aether at this time however we're looking for amazing collectors to join our community all the time. Show us how you would curate your space and win one of our property giveaways!


For a quick demo, click here to begin. Discovery and advanced features are limited to Aether property holders but anyone can create galleries in seconds to share them through a direct link.


This free tier is enabled so that we can get more feedback on Spaces and grow the Aether community. This will also be a primary mechanism when selecting tastemakers to join Aether.

Owners Tier

Visit your property page to begin (For example: Each property in Aether maps 1:1 to a Space. This allows visitors to visit your properties and discover your NFT collections. You can find a link to the Space on a property's page. You can also discover properties with a Space on our Discover page. Move in the space using the WASD and space keys. Orbit your viewpoint by dragging the mouse. Interact with objects by clicking on them.

For property owners, connect to Aether from the home page. If your space has never been personalized you will need to access your space from the ⚙ Gear menu. Only spaces that have been personalized will display the primary Space button to visitors.

Space Menu