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Due to the degraded support from OpenSea on early ERC721 contracts in Mid 2022, we have deployed an official wrapper to enable modern ERC721 functions. The wrapper contract implements the latest ERC721 standards and allows anyone to wrap() and unwrap() an existing Aether Core (2018) NFT. This will allow holders to move and transact their NFTs across platforms.


Analogy: You have a paper envelope containing AETH you want to sell. Amazon (OpenSea) has been having issues with paper envelopes but have full support for plastic envelopes. You can now wrap your paper envelope containing AETH in a plastic envelope AETHW in order to transact on Amazon. At any time, you can unwrap the plastic envelope AETHW to retrieve the paper envelope containing AETH.




We'll be releasing a new tool that will allow users to manage the necessary steps without interacting with the contracts manually.

  1. Approve: On AetherCore, call approve() to address 0x94125ea837e00579726b64f9b0ca360345b892b3 (AetherWrapper) access to your Token ID. (Link)Aether Wrapper Approve
  2. Wrap: From AetherWrapper call wrap() providing a _aetherID matching your Token ID. (Link)
  3. Unwrap: From AetherWrapper call unwrap() providing a _aetherID matching your Token ID. (Link)