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"What if someone bought out all our buildings and units only to sit on them? What if Aether became a world of hollow and abandoned buildings?"

From the very beginning, we knew that fair distribution and growing a healthy community would be Aether’s greatest challenges. We need to both draw attention to the city, and to draw in an active community. So we decided that Aether needed to be designed for expansion. Aether’s core contract composes NFT technology with finite property ownership and growth mechanics.

Aether's is a product of the next generation of Web3 decentralised applications, as such we were ambitiously writing rules and laws for city growth and progression. This makes Aether much more than just a PFP NFT project. In this next section we’ll give deeper into these mechanisms.


This is Aether today, set at 15 progression. Progression is the number of units away from origin (0,0). As such, our 2018 minted properties currently occupy 30 x 30 in a 100 x 100 world. At the start of the relaunch we have promised to lock this in for 6 months as our community stabilizes. This initial community will serve as the backbone for all future growth in Aether.

Present Day: Progression 15 (30 x 30)


Let’s talk about the expansion part of the AetherCore contract. This comes in two parts, vertical expansion and horizontal expansion. As a reminder, Aether is 100 x 100 x 100 world.

/// @dev Ensures that property occupies unique part of the universe.
bool[100][100][100] public world;

Aether is a 100 x 100 x 100 Metaverse.

Horizontal Expansion

We will place additional buildings around Generation 0 (2018-2021) Buildings. These new buildings extend out from the center origin at (0,0) and are pulled from the original world generative seed. Notice that these new buildings remain relatively flat. This is because progression limits their vertical size.

Vertical Expansion

During vertical expansion we increase the world progression #. As defined in the contract, the height zoning of all buildings will be recalculated as function of progression. All of the buildings will grow in height with the buildings closest to the center having the highest potential.

/// @dev Computing height of a building with respect to city progression.
function _computeHeight(
uint256 _x,
uint256 _z,
uint256 _height
) internal view returns (uint256) {
uint256 x = _x < 50 ? 50 - _x : _x - 50;
uint256 z = _z < 50 ? 50 - _z : _z - 50;
uint256 distance = x > z ? x : z;
if (distance > progress) {
return 1;
uint256 scale = 100 - (distance * 100) / progress ;
uint256 height = 2 * progress * _height * scale / 10000;
return height > 0 ? height : 1;

Function _computeHeight() in AetherCore

Expansion serves as a lever for world growth, as more people are interested in joining a community, we need units and buildings to facilitate. If units were too scarce, we would prematurely stifle growth and innovation. Ultimately, this contract allows us to facilitate growth at our community’s pace.

Aether’s value will be in its community and we strive to build the best of the best. The community is what will make Aether stand out in this future of a multiple metaverses.

Do we want this be 250 people, or do we want this to be 10,000 people? What would make Aether truly succeed?