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Transfer capability of Aether NFTs in OpenSea isn't working because our constract doesn't include a safeTransferFrom() function. So do projects like CryptoKitties and Aether have transfer() instead? This is because these projects was deployed before the final EIP was standardized. You can read more NFT history in this thread. GitHub ERC721

What is the risk of the transfer() function? safeTransferFrom() includes a check that the address a NFT is being transfered to is able to interact with NFTs. In practice today, most transfer will already take into account the recipent address and this added check is more of a safe measure. Other than this, transfer() has equivalent functionality.


  • September 2017 - Dieter Shirley introduces EIP721.
  • December 2017 - CryptoKitties is so popular that it congests the Ethereum network and caused it to slow down significantly.
  • March 2018 - AetherCore contract is deployed with original transfer() function proposal
  • June 2018 - ERC721 is accepted as β€˜final’, which means there is a strong consensus among Ethereum developers to accept it as a standard. transfer() is removed, safeTransferFrom() is included


You can transfer properties from the property page (ex: by going into the owners settings (the βš™ Gear menu) and selecting the Transfer option

Aether Property Setting