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1. New Contract (Passed ✅)


This proposal has been approved on March 23, 2022 (Link). The original decision was made under the premise that OpenSea regressed without any timeline on a fix. Holders can wrap at their will to take advantage of the portability of the official wrapper.

Aether's contract was written early for its time and based on the original CryptoKitties contract. As we have seen recently, this also means that we miss compatibility with projects that don't offer support for early ERC721 variants. Introducing a wrapper contract will allow property holders to wrap their Aether properties into a modern ERC721 format that will be compatible with todays marketplaces and tools. (Lending, Swapping, LooksRare, NFTfi, etc). A new contract will be deployed to take an existing property they own and convert it into a new version that is fully ERC-721 compatible. They can convert it back at anytime, transactions on the blockchain will incur gas fees.

The main drawback of this approach is that we are unable to carry the existing Verified collection status and sales volume of our current collection on OpenSea. This division could greatly reduce visibility to our collection. There will also be gas fees requires for this conversion. We do however see expansion as an excellent way to introduce the new contract as we increase overall supply.