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Expansion is Aether's first form of a community driven decision and is a part of our commitment to grow alongside the community.


The vote for expansion will be available for reading on March 17. With a 5 day voting period stating March 18 to March 23. You will be able to access the vote at our Aether Snapshot page.


Snapshot (link) is a decentralized voting system. It provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote. Snapshot supports various voting types to cater to the needs of organizations. Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain. In short, Snapshot is an off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results.


We will be using a custom voting strategy that is based on a person's current Aether holdings. The voting weight of a Building will be weighed at 6 times that of a single Unit. The motivation for this difference in weight is to reflect the cost to the holder of that property.


These weights have been discussed by our community for the purposes of the 2022 expansion vote. We will revisit these weights if expansion passes. By design there is a bias for building

The following is the config we will use, notice the Token ID ranges have been chosen to split between the two types of properties participating in the vote.

Aether Strategy (erc721-with-tokenid-range-weights-simple)
"symbol": "AETHERDAO",
"address": "0x31d4c5be1082a88f2abafea549b6c189c2cf057f",
"tokenIdWeightRanges": [
"end": 119,
"start": 15,
"weight": 10
"end": 790,
"start": 120,
"weight": 1


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