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Billboards light up a city. Wrapping is a feature that lets property owners customize the exterior appearance of their properties. Data is stored off-chain and there are are no fees associated with updating a wrap. Wraps allow our community to make changes that affect the way our city renders and are the first thing users can see when visiting our city.

Aether Wrap


Wrapping is an experimental feature. This feature is subject to evolve and change as we upgrade the rendering capabilities for Aether over time.

User Guide

For existing property owners, you'll need to visit your property page (For example: To login press Connect authenticate your permissions; we use this to ensure that you are the current owner of the property. Under the ⚙ Gear menu from the property page you will see an option for 🎁 Wrap

Aether Wrap


The menu option will not appear if your currently authenticated wallet is not the owner of the property.

For Units, all 4 compass directions can be personalized. For Buildings, the 2 dominant compass directions of the district will determine which faces of the building can be customized. We limit the number of faces to preserve the look and feel of Aether.

The uploaded image will be center-cropped onto the respective face of the property. In order to optimize placement and to prevent stretching, it is recommend that you upload an image with the same aspect ratio of your property. You can see the recommended values from the tooltip for each compass direction during submission.

Aether Wrap

Asset Size

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